Mysteries of the Revolution 'You Turn Me On - EP' (CD)

Mysteries of the Revolution 'You Turn Me On - EP' (CD)

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Mysteries Of The Revolution are:
BB Davis: drums, flute, perc, beatvox, vox
Dan Biro: keyboards, programming
Vincenzo Lamagna: guitar
Jonny Woolnough: bass/guitar

Jazz/psychedelic/prog/rock 4-track download-only EP.

The genesis of multi-instrumentalist BB Davis’s MOTR grew out of his famed Red Orchidstra (whose version of the theme from the seminal '71 Brit gangster movie 'Get Carter' is acknowledged as a groove classic) and began as collaboration between BB, long-time musical associate French virtuoso keyboardist Dan Biro and a close friend and colleague the late, much lamented bassist Mark Smith.

MOTR music evokes the spirit of ‘70's fusion’ with influences ranging from Miles, Weather Report, Roland Kirk, Chick Corea, Coltrane, Soft Machine, Mahavishnu and Lifetime to Zappa and The Doors to neo-classicism and 'psychedelica electronica’.

From the fizzing electro feedback which introduces the majestic 'You Turn Me On' to the chorale intro to BB's beatvox flute tour-de-force 'Pandinium' to the nascent Sirocco which unleashes the power of 'Pharoah's Scribbled Phantasms' to the soft melodic psychedelica of 'Donna Piede Piatto', this EP is full on with fire, passion, love n' feel.

Following the sad passing of bass-player Mark Smith, the band features exciting new blood with the addition of exceptional guitarist Vincenzo Lamagna and the gifted guitarist/writer and bassist Jonny Woolnough.

Released September 8, 2014

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