Echo Engine (with Theo Travis) 'Windjammer' (CD)

Echo Engine (with Theo Travis) 'Windjammer' (CD)

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Echo Engine are:
Daniel Biro: Keyboards
Adrian Newton: Grooves and electronics
Rob Palmer: Guitar
Special guest: Theo Travis - Saxes and flutes
Ambient/groove/electronica improv trio with special 'aeolian' guest. 

Biro and Palmer have been working together for many years, playing live regularly and releasing 'The Long Journey Home' album (Sargasso SCD28050) in 2004. When Newton joined them injecting a fresh approach with his live electronics and groove creation, the trio decided to formalise their collaboration under the Echo Engine banner.

As well as being a stand-alone outfit, the idea behind Echo Engine is to allow for special guests to expand the trio's sonic palette. First on the list was sax/flute player Theo Travis, best known for his collaborations with Robert Fripp, David Sylvian, Steven Wilson, Gong and Soft Machine Legacy. His use of live electronic processors and loopers, to create swirling textures, was well suited to the band's soundscapey ethos. Two performances with Travis at the SoundCellar were recorded and provided the raw materials for the debut album 'Windjammer'.

Although some of Echo Engine's music can veer into experimental/psychedelic territories, this album, led by Travis' layered lyricism, pushed the band into gentler, more melodic realms. The tracks on 'Windjammer' were named after famous winds from different parts of the globe, with Travis' flute solo piece 'Aeolus' paying tribute to the Greek god of winds. 

Released October 2014