Daniel Biro 'Songs of Refuge' (CD)
Daniel Biro 'Songs of Refuge' (CD)
Daniel Biro 'Songs of Refuge' (CD)

Daniel Biro 'Songs of Refuge' (CD)

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Includes 14 reproductions of artworks by David Breuer-Weil, one for each song. Printed on handmade art paper. Numbered and signed both by Daniel Biro and David Breuer-Weil. To buy, select 'Limited Art Edition' version above.

Daniel Biro: all instruments and vocals
Rob Palmer: guitar

Songs from darkness to light.

Biro's returns to his love of song-writing to produce a very personal, intimate album with plenty of sonic experimentation. Written over a period of 20 years, the 14 songs are an ambient, Fender Rhodes-led, journey through melancholic worlds and dark emotional landscapes. 

Influences include David Sylvian, Scott Walker, Brian Eno and Portishead. The album features Biro on all instruments and vocals, except for a few guitar interventions by long-term collaborator Rob Palmer, and was mastered by award-winning engineer Mandy Parnell (Bjork, Brian Eno, John Martyn).

Apart from Biro’s voice, the common thread throughout the album is the Fender Rhodes electric piano, whose bell-like tones in repetitive patterns create fitting mesmerising soundscapes. In addition, Biro’s use of sound-design and retro-flavoured electronica sets each song in a particular ‘cinematic’ environment.

Lyrically, the themes go from childhood innocence ('Faces'') to political violence ('Activist') to lost loves ('When Our Love Was Strong'), as well as an ode to 'Old Europe'. When it came to the design of the album, Biro decided to collaborate with friend and world-renowned artist David Breuer-Weil who selected 14 of his drawings, one for each song, to accompany the album. 

Released May 1, 2012