Daniel Biro 'Elegant Enigmas' (CD)

Daniel Biro 'Elegant Enigmas' (CD)

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Daniel Biro: Fender Rhodes electric piano
Jane Chapman: harpsichord

A Rhodes-fest journey.

This album reflects Daniel Biro‘s on-going passion for the Fender Rhodes electric piano which was designed in the 40s by Harold Rhodes using airplane spare parts, and pioneered in the early 70s electric jazz-funk era. 

Nevertheless, the Fender Rhodes has rarely been explored as a purely solo instrument, especially not in more contemporary/experimental contexts. Far from any 70s nostalgia, Biro’s love for this instrument has led him to investigate its sonic qualities and reveal some of its hidden riches. Because of inherent imperfections and unevenness of pitch and timbre, each Rhodes has its own idiosyncrasies and peculiarities: a continuous source of surprises.

The album opens with 'Imprint', a one-take Fender solo improvisation which was immediately overlayed with two other improvised tracks.
In contrast, 'Elegant Enigmas' is a breathtaking duet with harpsichord virtuoso Jane Chapman where the two instruments chase each other towards a climactic unison.

Finally, there is 'Notturno o Mattutino', Biro’s tribute to composer Nino Rota who was one of the first composers to use the Rhodes in film scores. Rota's haunting theme from Fellini‘s ‘La Dolce Vita’, a reminiscence of Biro’s own Roman childhood, ends this highly original and passionate album.
Released March 1, 1999