Of Eastern European background, Daniel Biro (composer, keyboard player, producer, improvisor, songwriter, sound-designer, label director, video artist) grew up first in Italy, then France before moving to London in 1985. He acquired his passion for the Rhodes electric piano while gigging in the South of France with the Jazz Conservatory of Monaco big-band led by cult jazz figure Roger Grosjean, with whom he studied for eight years. At the age of 12 he got his first analogue synth and has since been hooked on all things electronic.

Biro (pronounced Bee-ro) started honing his compositional skills writing for local theatre companies and forming various experimental bands. After moving to London he toured with major label bands such as The Truth with Dennis Greaves (Nine Below Zero) and Big Bam Boo before founding the Sargasso label in 1993 which has been releasing and promoting ground-breaking experimental music ever since. Recently he also set up the media music production company Ambient Arts Agency.

Over the years Biro has collaborated with contemporary dance choreographers, film makers, gallery artists as well as writing for and producing numerous recording projects. He has released over 12 albums as a solo artist or with his current bands Mysteries of the Revolution (jazz/groove/psychedelic) and Echo Engine (ambient/electronica/improv) with whom he performs regularly.

Film and TV credits include work for the BBC, feature documentaries for French national TV, a number of award-winning shorts (Cannes, Strasbourg, London) and, most recently, the score for Rwandan director Kivu Ruhorahoza’s surreal film ‘Things of the Aimless Wanderer’ (official selection at Sundance, Rotterdam, Sydney and London Film Africa festivals 2015). He has also written many scores for contemporary dance performances and theatre productions.