Daniel Biro 'The Comparative Anatomy of Angels' (CD)

Daniel Biro 'The Comparative Anatomy of Angels' (CD)

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Daniel Biro: Fender Rhodes electric piano, synthesizer, drums programming
Veronique Joly, Cathryn Robson, Lucie Robson: voices
Simon Scardanelli: acoustic guitar
Steve Swift, Patrick Tedd: electric guitars
The Sterling String Quartet: strings

Compositions inspired by the surreal world of French poet Jean Cocteau. 

Having grown up in the south of France where Cocteau lived and worked, Biro returned there to produce this album in collaboration with the CIRM (Centre International de Recherche Musicale) in Nice.

From the haunting a-capella voices of the title piece to the pulsating electric guitars of 'Beba in White' and from the minimalist string quartet textures of 'With These Gloves You Will Enter Mirrors Like Water' to the solo electric piano 'Strange Attractors' interludes, this music is a hommage to Cocteau’s magical visions of mirrors and angels.

Released April 1, 1996