Mysteries of the Revolution 'Mysteries of the Revolution' (CD)

Mysteries of the Revolution 'Mysteries of the Revolution' (CD)

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Mysteries Of The Revolution are:
BB Davis: drums, flute, percussion, beatvox, vocals
Dan Biro: keyboards, percussion
Mark Smith: bass

The spirit of 70's fusion 'psychedelica electronica'.

MOTR presents a journey of intense, emotional, passionate playing by all three protagonists who firmly place their own individual, indelible stamp on the music.

Journeying from the light - the chorale intro to 'Welcome' - through to the dark weirdness of 'Moonfrog's Tucker' [a slight caress to Beefheart] the album takes a semi-filmic mystical/urban ride to the apocalyptic 'Have You Seen Enough?' thence backing into the light once more with the ethereal end-piece 'Evolution'.

Whether it be the earnest, full-on, passionate Hammond growling of 'The Crunch', the subtle, driving 'Romantica', the Arabic flavoured 'Secret Fire' (inspired by a stay in the Moroccan old port city of Essaouira) the uniquely enigmatic 'The Elevation Of Mr Handy', the slinky vibe of 'Storius Sensorius' or Davis' tour-de-force flute/beatvox piece 'Big Budd'ah' (dedicated to one of his greatest influences, Rahsaan Roland Kirk) each track displays the unit's oneness and sense of purpose.

released March 1, 2007