New CD '120 onetwenty' out now!

Daniel new album ‘120 Onetwenty’, a one-hour instrumental vintage keyboard suite, 70s style, is out now. Apart from the standard digipack edition, special signed and numbered limited boxed edition is also available exclusively from this website.

Read 2 great reviews of the album: 

"The Fantastic Keyboard World of Daniel Biro

London-based composer and keyboardist Daniel Biro has a superb new album titled 120 Onetwenty, scheduled for release in early 2018.

Daniel Biro brings together three of the greatest progressive music traditions: Berlin-style electronics, prog rock synths and jazz fusion keyboards.

Throughout 120 Onetwenty, Biro develops transfixing electronic sequences inspired by early Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and other iconic German artists. Additionally, Biro creates awe-inspiring atmospheres and tops it off with memorable synth solos and his signature Rhodes electric piano jazz-rock work.

120 Onetwenty is a remarkable instrumental album that strolls with ease and charm between electronica and progressive fusion"

"Daniel Biro embarks on an epic aural journey with the symphonic scope of “120 Onetwenty”. Over the course of the album Daniel Biro sculpts the sound of a long-lost classic, with tremendously powerful keyboard work. Attention to detail means these songs immerse the listener into a dazzling world. Throughout the album, Daniel Biro draws from a wide slew of artists, ranging from the Reich-like phases to Klaus Schulze-inspired suites. With such a dreamy series of inspirations, the psychedelic sheen that graces the entirety recall Manuel Göttsching’s more surreal works.

A perfectly executed opener “Door” feels akin to a gargantuan reboot as everything builds up into a gorgeous swell of sound. Setting the tone “Ancient” allows a spaciousness to take hold. The first glimpses of a jazz-like looseness permeate the playful rhythms of “Nimbus”. Further going down a jazz-funk path the glistening tones of “Itinerarium” has a luxurious hue to it. With a woozy swinging style “Levitator” allows multiple layers to simply sweep up into a fantastic, ever-growing suite. Easily the highlight of the album comes with the ethereal quality of “Barren”. Featuring an ambient bliss of sorts, the way Daniel Biro explores such unusual terrain feels absolutely engrossing. Sprawling out into a pastoral way “Immortal” reveals a perfect blend of ambient and jazz into a singular whole. Bringing hard-hitting beats, “Returning” opts for a thoughtful buildup. Perfectly closing the album is the reflective “Outside”.

Mystical and majestic, Daniel Biro offers a painterly approach to the brilliantly colorful '120 Onetwenty'."