Great reviews of Daniel's new album '120 onetwenty'

Been getting some amazing review for my new album... 

So nice when people like your music because they 'get it'.

Also got a fab interview on Stereo Stickman site. You can read it here.

Don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but here are some of the best quotes:

“The elegance, mystery, joy, and melancholy, heard in these pieces, combine into one monumental, multifaceted project that may just be one of the twenty-first century’s greatest artistic commitment’s to the sound and use of vintage keyboards.”

“How this whole album seems to just continually get better and more imaginative is quite breathtaking. For real – what Daniel is able to do and how flawlessly he does it, is nothing short of stunning at all times; for ambient/instrumental music, I haven’t felt bored once or like he’s overplayed his ambitions here – he sounds incredibly focused and I really feel like he’s created a record that has you on pins & needles for the tremendous depths it explores in its own subtle way. What an exceptional adventure! Daniel Biro has got a highly imaginative mind and a tremendous ear for sound…at his maximum he gets completely wild, but even at his mildest & most gentle, still manages to always create something compelling to the ears and brilliantly captivating to the mind’s eye.”

“with inspiration from Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and other iconic German artists mixing effortlessly with Biro’s own style to form a tour de force of atmospheric brilliance. Textured, refined, and brilliantly layered, ‘120 OneTwenty’ manages to escape the usual trappings of most instrumental albums, carving its own path of awe-inspiring atmospheres and progressive, jazz-rock fusions. It’s a unique vision brought into existence by a very talented composer”

“Daniel Biro brings together three of the greatest progressive music traditions: Berlin-style electronics, prog rock synths and jazz fusion keyboards.“120 Onetwenty” is a remarkable instrumental album that strolls with ease and charm between electronica and progressive fusion.”

“All at once complex and calming, detailed and smoothly ambient. If ever there are artistic projects that seem completely free from industry influence and entirely connected to the mind and passion of their maker, this is undoubtedly one of them.”

“an epic aural journey, Daniel Biro sculpts the sound of a long-lost classic, with tremendously powerful keyboard work. Attention to detail means these songs immerse the listener into a dazzling world. Mystical and majestic

You can get your own copy from my website here. And why not treat yourself to the signed/numbered limited boxed edition? I'll even include a personalised note. All you have to do is email me through the Contact page and let me know your Order No and the name you want me to dedicate the message to.

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