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'120' review in Electronic Sound Magazine

'120' review in Electronic Sound Magazine

Very happy about the great little review in the revered Electronic Sound Magazine. Glad they used my 'Wicker Man' photo. Not many would have dared....
Great reviews of Daniel's new album '120 onetwenty'

Great reviews of Daniel's new album '120 onetwenty'

Been getting some amazing review for my new album...  So nice when people like your music because they 'get it'. Also got a fab interview on Stereo...
New CD '120 onetwenty' out now!

New CD '120 onetwenty' out now!

Daniel new album ‘120 Onetwenty’, a one-hour instrumental vintage keyboard suite, 70s style, is out now. Apart from the standard digipack edition...

Latest Reviews

“... a deep sense of introspective warmth.“ The Wire

“... what Daniel is able to do and how flawlessly he does it, is nothing short of stunning at all times; he has you on pins & needles for the tremendous depths he explores in his own subtle way.” Sleepingbagstudios

“…draws on minimal electronic and jazz idioms to promising and fascinating effect.” Louise Gray

Daniel Biro’s musical wizardry amalgamates complex layers of sonic tessellations and gravity-defying textures into confections of pure elegance. This is ambient music as it should be, immanent and transcendent, yet revelatory. It’s simply sublime.” Randolf Radic

“A quirky, unusual and ultimately satisfying journey for those who admire experimentation and minimalism.” The Wire

“So beautifully crafted it already sounds like a classic. I love it.” YouTube comment

“The elegance, mystery, joy, and melancholy, heard in these pieces, combine into one monumental, multifaceted project that may just be one of the twenty-first century’s greatest artistic commitment’s to the sound and use of vintage keyboards.” Tunedloud

“Attention to detail means these songs immerse the listener into a dazzling world. Mystical and majestic” Eric Baker

“Unassuming and unmissable” The Wire